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Belief in Self

Every new venture I turn to my closest friends and family for support. You know I want them to be on #teamafroditee. But alas they are not really. It is not they don’t want to see my succeed. They just simply want me to succeed on their terms.

With every small business I idea I tried I hit a brick wall with them. For years all I wanted to hear was that you can do it! Instead I received a litany of why I could not and an urging to go take the exam for a municipal job.

So I looked around and none of my ventures had come to fruition. Then it dawned on me. I allowed myself to feel defeated simply because they said it was not possible. I quickly adopted their mindset of my limitations.  Not really understanding that those limitations were theirs, not mine. Because I needed so badly to have a support system I  kept one that was not one really.

This time around I have a new team. My team consists of people who believe in me and that all this are possible if you are willing to work at it.  Their belief that I can answer the challenges goes a long way in me actually finding solutions. Having #teamafroditee makes it all that much simpler. It helps me believe in me. Which in the end is most important.