Practical Choices

I have recently sold a couple of pieces of jewelry lately.  It feels good that my latest creative endeavor is  appreciated by someone other than myself. Of course these sales lead to a fantasy of being the next great designer. I can see the shelf space at Tiffany’s now.

Unfortunately, this is not my first dip into the “hope this hobby turns into a full-time gig” pool. I get so excited about the possibilities of my new venture that everything else fades into the background. At one point I was so busy making candles that I didn’t even cook for my kids anymore.  This was going to be the next big thing.  Hmm, I also was going to gain independence through Mary Kay, life insurance, etc. You name it I tried it.

Well no more. This time I am focusing on a real career change with a fairly predictable outcome. So what, if I never have that 15,000 sqft house or high end luxury cars or fantasy vacation. I am going to create a stable life for myself.

But you know, I did just get another jewelry order.



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