Archive | October 2012

Turning Points

I’ve finally reached that place where I need to grow up.  Not that I have been running around behaving like an adolescent. Actually I am a very responsible adult. I am talking about the moment when it hits you that YOU are responsible for YOUR LIFE.  It is that moment that when you look down the road and you can actually see. That moment when it is not simply about dealing with the consequences of your decisions but making choices with the consequences in the forefront of your mind.

I realized that I can not make decisions for my life based on how other people may feel. I am the one living the consequences of those decisions. Having others feel uncomfortable about my decisions can not be the deciding factor any longer.  Every time I have gone with the choice that would make the other person comfortable I wound up being behind the eight ball. So my life, my choice. I hope they can be on board, but if not hey it’s okay.

Choosing not to allow people to suck the life out me is another big one.  When someone makes a decision that I know to be crazy I am learning to allow them to do it. Their sights are fixed, so my job is move out of the way and let them have at it.  Sounds cruel? Nah, it is about allowing adults to make adult decisions.  I am not there nanny. I will be there to help pick up the pieces (if they want).

So here I am, all grown up. Finally living MY life on MY terms not needing anyone to co-sign or subsidize my choices.  I checked. I have on my big girl panties.