Moving beyond Yesterday

It took a while for me to realize that I was still living with and holding on to yesterday.  Yesterday’s hopes, dreams, successes, pain, disappointments, goals and reality.  See so often I think of yesterday and what I used to be, how I used to act, live, love.  You name it I focus on it.  I failed to remember that the past has a seductive quality to it.  We are all revisionists when it comes to our personal history, both good and bad.

I realized that I have not been able to fully appreciate where I am in my live right now.  It is always in comparison to something that used to be or never was.  That has proven to be a painful way to live.  Life should move forward not stay stagnate.  I found myself continuously reflecting on how great things were when I lived down south.  I constantly complained about living back up North. However, after almost ten years I am still living here.  When I was there I wished I lived back in a big happening city.  Never satisfied.

So now I am beginning to live in the here and now.  No more wishing things were different.  I have to change it if I want it to be different.  Sometimes easier said than done.  But true nonetheless.


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