Archive | March 2012

I need a make over!!!

For the last couple of weeks I have been staring into the mirror wondering who was looking back at me.  There was a time that the reflection was of a vibrant, energetic, funny, sexy woman.  Now the woman staring back looks well in a word, older.  It is not about my chronological age, it is about how I feel and look.

I find myself wondering when did a wig go from a playful change of style to a daily piece. When did I give up on my general appearance?  I remember watching television shows with women who needed make overs.  Never did I imagine that would be me!  Somewhere along the line I just drifted to the left.

Looking into my closet I notice that my clothes look like I shop at a department store.  There are very few sexy or statement pieces.  At some point I stopped dressing to fit my personality and started dressing just to cover my body.  Of course, I can probably find some correlation to my weight gain or issues along those lines. But now it is time to move forward.

So how do I move forward to update my look?  Any suggestions????