Living with Hypocrisy

Everyday has been a struggle with my this weight loss thing.  See what I failed to mention is that I am a certified personal trainer.  Yup believe it or not.  I used to teach different types of dance aerobics classes.  Although I was not at my goal weight I was still flexible and energetic. My clients loved my classes and my coaching. I related to their struggles personally and they felt it. I encouraged and inspired my ladies.

However, when I thought about taking my business to the next level I felt like a hypocrite.  How can I teach behavior control, responsibility and self love when I myself  have those same issues?  I could not get over the fact that I was not picture perfect. For a time I did not believe that my input was valuable and useful even though my ladies loved me and sought me out.

Although my knowledge of health and fitness was vast I was always hesitant to share it with others believing that they would look at me as some type of poser.  How can she know so much but doesn’t practice it?  The truth of the matter is that I am very healthy. I do not have diabetes or hypertension, not even close

Then I started thinking about what made me a hypocrite.  I understood many of the reasons that women did not lose weight or stick to a program.  I know how easy it is to gather information and not apply it consistently or appropriately.  I know what it is like to fail then be afraid to get back on that horse.  I never told anyone that it was easy.  Never once did I disguise my own personal struggles.  In fact I was unfailingly honest with them.

So I began to think that perhaps it was my own sense of I should look like this or that to be effective. Those who want someone who is on the road with them will appreciate what I have to offer.  Others will find someone who meets their needs.  I am good with that.




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