This is harder than I thought…

Thankfully I have health conscious children.  When I allow them to do the grocery shopping most of the items brought back are healthy.  They only purchase the red velvet cupcakes on my instructions.  So now in my refrigerator are strawberries, blueberries and oranges.  Yummm.  No, I really do like fruit however, I am craving some processed sugar.  I can almost taste the twinkies or cupcakes.    I have not had breakfast yet so I should go eat some oatmeal but I don’t want to eat that.

Last night at the Super Bowl Party I tried nibbling, but the flank steak quesadillas, sliders, jerk chicken wings and cheesecake were calling my name. I told myself I would only eat one plate.  I ate three.  Nope, I did not feel guilty. It was a party for chrissakes. Justification? I am proud of myself for not having an empty calorie alcoholic beverages!  I only drank loads of soda.  Perhaps I should have waited until Monday to change my life?

Nah, see now I know that I have to plan.  That taking ownership of this issue is not just about saying so but it is about doing so.  It is about really putting forth an effort to change.  It is about making change the priority with no outs on not doing so.  I am not going to write a whole bunch of feel good statements nor put out a whole bunch of excuses.  This is not easy.  I live a real life; have real friends.  I have to figure this out.

So I am going to go eat breakfast, thankfully there are no Lucky Charms so it will be Oatmeal or its equivalent.

Ciao Bella!




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